Artist Statements

Artist's Statement - Aria Series

Aria, 'air' in Italian, is also the musical term for an extended, accompanied song for a solo voice. The lighting in this series is simple, focused, and single source. The human body becomes the accompaniment to the solo light "melody", creating the final piece. In a musical aria, the soloist and the accompaniment are equally important, carefully orchestrated to create something more significant than either could provide individually. This work mixes the human form and light with the intent of creating an emotionally moving encounter for the viewer. Each image calls attention to the smallest intricacies, just as in a piece of music every note plays a role in the final experience. Aria exemplifies the play of light and dark to create contrast and balance within the composition: a signature of my current work.

Artist's Statment - Figura Series

Figura - noun (in literary theory) a person or thing representing or symbolizing a fact or ideal. This body of work is an exploration of the perfection found in the human body. The diversity of the figure makes it a subject that has almost endless potential. Our bodies are capable of transmitting emotions without word or movement. When combined with light and shadow, the form of the body can speak to us and tell stories that each of us hear in a different way.